Paul Torres

VP Sales at Ghost Block, Oakville Winery, and Elizabeth Rose 

I develop wineries in Napa and manage three brands with international distribution. Although Christy's focus is established in the tech world, she has the gift of understanding the food and wine world as well. She has an excellent palate and has written sensitive and astute articles on wine growing regions in California. In addition, she has advised me on marketing strategies and presentation. Christy has great empathy and takes joy in her work. I hope she continues to explore the wine world and share her experience with all. 

Carol Siebenmorgen

Sr. Manager, Internal Communications at Symantec

I have engaged Christy many times over the last couple of years as a copywriter on many of Symantec's product collateral pieces. Her work has always been of a very high-quality and 'spot on.' She is able to take a technical subject and simplify it for the right audience. She is great to work with. She always keeps to her timelines, and is always very professional.

Kendra Gjerseth

ODA (now WeissCom Group)

I've engaged Christy's services several times while managing campaigns for a healthcare and medical device branding agency. Christy has been a reliable partner, consistent and diligent from start-to-finish. Her professionalism shines through.

Marie Martin

Sr. Content Marketing Editor & Strategist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Christy is detail-oriented and smart like a whip. Not to mention her amazing professionalism. I've had the honor of working with Christy more than once over the years--at Aldon and now at HPE. Christy is a quick study, very bright, a great researcher, and an incredible writer. She grasps technical concepts quickly and can make them easily accessible for any reader. She is a gem. Just hire her, you won't be sorry.

Avery Horzewski

Marketing and Customer Communication Consultant

Christy worked with me on Women in Consulting's (WIC) marketing team for two years. She was so good at her job that I asked her to become WIC’s director of marketing & PR. I’m happy to say, she accepted. She’s a fabulous writer, able to make the hard edits. She’s dependable, treating WIC as well as any paying client. And she’s able to think strategically and act tactically. Plus, she’s simply a delight to work with, always pleasant and respectful.

Ann Badillo

Strategist | Advisor | Author | Speaker

Christy is a consummate professional researcher, writer, and editor. She recently did a project for Crawford Communications Group within one of our key accounts. She knows how to juggle deadlines, herd cats, and deliver results. In addition, Christy is a contemplative thinker and listener, which brings some refreshing zen into our business lives.

Jean Lombard

Principal at The Jean Effect Marcom Project Management

I am happy to write about my experience working with Christy White. Christy and I work together as co-chairs of marketing for Women In Consulting, a professional group for women consultants and business owners. In that capacity, we have collaborated to develop an annual marketing plan for the organization's leaders; we've regularly crafted email campaigns; and printed marketing copy to spur monthly meeting attendance and recruit new members. Christy has written marketing copy to promote special programs like webinars and seminars on various topics of critical interest to consultants. I've enjoyed every interaction with Christy. She is a smart, seasoned professional who brings a calming, insightful influence during collaboration. Christy gracefully gets the job done and makes excellence seem effortless.

Erin McCune

Partner at Glenbrook Partners

Mackerel Sky Media made significant contributions to the Forte Financial website. Christy is not only a talented writer, but she is a perceptive observer of people and company dynamics. Therefore, her copy gets beyond the business message and conveys values, benefits, and unique selling propositions with verve. Highly recommended!

Michele Taylor-Smith

Sr. Director Channel Marketing at Nutanix

I hired Christy as a writer and marketing campaign manager while at Symantec. Christy was a great resource while I was building a new organization. She filled in everywhere I needed her to and did an excellent job. She projected-managed, wrote materials, and interfaced with other departments. She took ownership of projects and drove them to completion quickly and with little supervision. I know if I give her something, it will be done quickly and the product will be top quality. I highly recommend Christy!

Alison Ishimaru

Vice President of Marketing at Rocket Software

Christy is an amazing writer with a special gift when it comes to taking ideas and technical concepts and turning them into a professional marketing piece for any target audience. She has a tremendous knack for conciseness and brevity as well as a fine editorial eye. She is a hard and diligent worker with complete follow-through. She is an excellent project manager and can easily coordinate tasks and activities across multiple functional areas. I have consistently been impressed by Christy's dedication to her team members and customers, as well as her ability to listen and respond to their needs. Christy demonstrates the utmost professionalism and integrity in her role. I would not hesitate to recommend Christy to a wide range of marketing and writing roles.

Phil Wells

Sr. Project Manager at Quest Technology Management

I worked with Christy at Kaiser Permanente where she was a communication manager. Christy excels as a writer, business analyst, and project manager. Although she is great at project management and analysis, I believe she really stands out in her oral and written communications ability. The ability to listen, understand, organize, and interpret the context of subject matter and express it, makes her an indispensable resource on program efforts. Christy is a self-starter, able to identify where and how she can contribute to the team effort, and then execute.

Arif Akram

Director - Risk Management (M&A / Business Transformations / Regulatory Compliance), Union Bank

Christy served as an excellent individual contributor and team player from day one. She provided significant value in driving New Products Programs and very quickly established credibility and built strong working relationships within the organization that allowed for effective communication and work progress. During her time at Kaiser, Christy was sought to take on more complex responsibilities given her demonstrated capabilities in working with senior executives and the larger program community.

Stephen Bender, PMP

Director Business Process Management at Kaiser Permanente

Christy is a great resource. She is thoughtful, dedicated and focused, a leader who gets things done. Christy possesses an excellent understanding of project management best practices and is constantly seeking new challenges. Christy consistently offers a fresh perspective and creative approach to projects. She has excellent oral and written communication skills. Christy consistently offers a fresh perspective and creative approach to projects. She has excellent oral and written communication skills and does a great job researching, gathering, and synthesizing information. Her Program Management updates were thoroughly researched and extremely well written. Christy demonstrates strong team building skills. We brainstorm and exchange ideas regularly.